About us

Importers and Exporters start from 1992 based in Qingdao China and focus on worldwide market.

Established in 2004, Qingdao Tlead International Co., Ltd focus on Chemicals, Lab and Industry Test Meters, Machine Tools, Steel Ball, Wood Machinery.  Our customers now from more than 93 countries and area. Fast shipment, reasonable price, good service is our advantage.  

Products - Chemicals

@Agricultural Chemicals    @Industrial Chemicals 

Aluminium Phosphide, Carbaryl, Cypermethrin, DDVP, Paraquat;  Melamine, TCCA, Hexamine, Inositol ......

Products - Test Instruments

Lab, Industrial, Educational, Personal Test Meters

AAS, Balance, Centrifuge, Colorimeter, Compass, Compressor, Cuvettes, Densimeter, Dew Point Meter, Distance Meter, Dry Cabinet, DO meter, EC Meter, EMF meter, Flaw Detector, Gas Detector, Glossmeter, Hardness Tester, Hollow Cathode Lamp, Lux Meter, Magnetic Stirrer, Melting Point Tester, Membrane Filters, Miscroscope, Mixer, Moisture Meter, ORP Meters, Ozone Meter, pH Meter, Pipettor, Polarimeter, Refactometer, Roughness meter, Salinity meter, Schimidt Hammer, Sound Level meter, Stress meter, Syringe Filters, Tachometer, TDS meter, Thermometer, Thickness Gauge, Timer, Turbidity Meter, Vacuum Pump, Vibration Meter, Weather Station ......