KD-6002 Ultrasonic Cleaner and Ozone Vegetable & Fruit Sterilizer 12.8L

Product Description

KD-6002 Ultrasonic Cleaner and Ozone Vegetable & Fruit Sterilizer  12.8L

1. The Ultrasonic food washer uses principle of ultrasonic and ozone to remove 98.9% of agricultural chemicals from fruits and vegetables easily and effectively.
2. The ozone eliminates odors, chlorine, and other chemicals, viruses and germs. Use it on fruits, vegetables, kitchenware, baby toys, and more.
3. Operates using a silent vibration with no splashing over the rim. The unit sits on the counter top or fits directly in any kitchen sink.
4. Repeated use of the Multi-Purpose Ultrasonic Washer will revive the original color of your dishes and kitchenware.
5. One-touch way for easy operate.
6. Do not need chemical to save water and prevent water pollution.
1. Vegetables and fruits: To remove 98.9% pesticides.
2. Rice: Remove pesticides and disinfection.
3. Meat: Remove clenbuterol.
4. Fish: Sterilization and cleaning.
5. Kitchen utensil cleaning: chopping board, knife, fork
6. Other cleaning: jewelry, metal, watch chain, glasses, shaver, denture, baby articles.
1. Voltage: AC100~120V, 60Hz; AC220~240V, 50Hz
2. Ozone capacity: > 200mg/h
3. Ozone consume power: <10W
4. Ultrasonic consume power: 100W
5. Ultrasonic frequency: 40kHz
6. Capacity: 12.8L
7. Tank size (mm): 340 x 310 x 150 (L x W x H)
8. Overall size (mm): 415 x 375 x 230 (L x W x H)
9. Unit G.W.: 5.5kg
10. Time Setting: 3-6-9 minutes, 5-10-15 minutes, 8-16-24 minutes
11. Drainage: Have
12. Cleaning basket: Have
13. 20GP: 380pcs; 40GP: 800pcs; 40HQ: 980pcs