Product Description


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WTM-3 (WSB-2A): ISO Blue Light WB=R457
Product Characteristics:
1. Adopt the quality imported & original components, with the high-efficiency & low-spoilage circuit, and with the good reliability
2. The configuration with the high-automatic & multi-function microcomputer, equipped with the RS232 serial communication interface to connect the printer.
3. The outstanding color-measurement performance is very accurate. Adopt the CAD, and the overall spectrum characteristics of the instrument comply with the responding curve of the CIE standard observer, and can accurately obtain the ISO whiteness degree.
4. The imbedded clock memory & storage system can store the measurement & correction data in real time, and can store and transfer 20 groups of the measurement data for long time, and can be used for the historic reference.
5. The quick automatic correction, with the prompt of the self-diagnosis information, rapid and stable response, reliable maintenance-free operation
1. Measuring Range: 0~120
2. Measuring Condition: 45/0, Illuminant: D65
3. Standard Observe: 10˚ field
4. Display: LCD monitor
5. Minimum Readout: 0.1
6. Measuring Hole Diameter: 30
7. Zero Drift: 0.1
8. Basic Error: 1
9. Repeatability: 0.2
10. Power Supply: AC 220V/50Hz,35W
11. External Dimension: 325*265*280mm