plant growth chamber
Plant Growth Chamber                                    
Uses: This series of product is high-precision thermostatic equipment with functions of illumination and humidification. It is widely used in plant cultivation, seed germination, seed growing, histocyte and microbe culturing, as well as small animal raising and other temperature and humidity experiments. It is the perfect equipment for production and research of biology, agriculture, forestry, genetic engineering and graziery departments.
1. Micro-computer temperate, humidity and illuminance controller with multiple storable programs, each for a maximum of 99 hours to set. It simulates the temperature and humidity in day and night, and chooses the stable illuminance and humidity that plants need to form a complete simulated natural environment.
2. Substantial three-side or four-side illumination; hollow glass with good spectrum characteristic and low thermal emissivity, which is suitable for plant growth. Unique three-side illumination and heat dissipation technique ensure uniform illumination and photostrophism of plants.
3. LED Temperature safety device with over temperature optical and audible alarm to avoid damage of specimen under extreme climate.
4. SUS304 Mirror stainless steel inner chamber; foursquare semicircle transition, freely removable shelf for simple and fast cleaning.
5. Ultrasonic humidification system with the most similar humidifying effect close to the nature, and high humidity control accuracy and less humidity fluctuation.
6. Unique anti-leakage design improves air-tightness of inner chamber.
7. Functions of parameter memorizing and power reset recovering when power- cut-off and system-halt. Low water cut out.
8. Dual seal rubber strips to ensure good thermal insulation effects of working room.
9. Standard original import compressor; crystal screen temperature controller; original import American humidity senor.
10. Crystal screen controller with 30 sections of program memory.
Optional accessories:
a. Desktop printer
b. Supplementary oxygen, nitrogen interface
c. RS485 interface. Communication software
Main Technical Parameter:
Model 3 Side Illumination RGX250E RGX300E RGX400E
4 Side Illumination RGX250EF RGX300EF RGX400EF
Volume 250L 300L 400L
Temp. Variation With illumination: 10-60℃; Without illumination: 0-60℃
Temp. Fluctuation ±1.0℃
Temp. Uniformity ±1.5℃ ±2℃
Temp. Distinguish Ability 0.1℃
Humidity Variation 40-90%RH
Humidity Error ±5% RH


Illumination Intensity RGX250E 0~12000LX 0~16000LX 0~20000LX
RGX250EF 0~15000LX 0~20000LX 0~22000LX
Power 220V/50HZ; 110V/60HZ
Ambient Temp. 5-35℃
Heating Power 400W 500W
Interior Dimensions 500 x 530 x 950mm 550 x 580 x 950mm 590 x 620 x 1100mm
Packaging Dimensions 890 x 905 x 1870mm 940 x 955 x 1870mm 980 x 990 x 2020mm
Plant Growth Chamber                                    
1. Microprocessor controller for temperature and humidity and light intensity, 30 programs
2. Large LCD screen
3. Simulate changing temperature and light in day/night
4. Polished stainless-steel chamber, semicircular arcs at corners for easy cleaning, and the space between the shelves in the chamber is adjustable.
5. R134a refrigerant, two imported compressor, continuous running time
6. Independent temperature-limiting alarm system ensures experiments run safely. (option)
7. RS485 connector is option which can connect computer to record parameters and the variations of temperature. (option)

Main Technical Parameter:


MGC-250BP-2 MGC-350BP-2 MGC-350HP-2 MGC-450BP-2 MGC-450HP-2 MGC-800BP-2 MGC-800HPY-2
MGC-250BPY-2 MGC-350BPY-2 MGC-350HPY-2 MGC-450BPY-2 MGC-450HPY-2 MGC-800BPY-2 MGC-800HPY-2

Chamber Volume

250L 300L 450L 800L

Temp. Range

With light: 10-50; Without light: 4-50


Temp. Accuracy


Temp. Uniformity



Humidity Range  

50-90% RH


50-90% RH


50-90% RH

Humidity Accuracy  

±5~7% RH


±5~7% RH


±5~7% RH

Light Intensity





Program Function

Temp., Humidity, Light Intensity can be set separately with 30 programs, Time range is 1-99 hours


1000W 1700W 2100W 4000W
Ambient Temp.

+5 ~ 35℃

Interior Dimensions 615*595*815 520 x 550 x 1140mm 700 x 550 x 1140mm 900 x 600 x 1400mm
Exterior Dimensions 725*740*1550 830 x 850 x 1850mm 950 x 850 x 1850mm  

Model Y means LCD Display