DensimeteR, OPTICAL Density meter, densitometer, black white densimeter, film densitometer, densimeter for radiographic testing, density tester
Black White Densimeter                                             
The densimeter is a quality product of computer-assisted high technology. It boasts accurate readings, high stability and easy operation. It can be widely applied to the fields such as nondestructive testing, publishing industry and medical science etc. Every densimeter is equipped with a density tablet for testing its precision.

Model Number DM2010 DM2010A DM2011
Density Range D=0.00~4.00 D=0.00~4.50 D=0.00~5.00
Reading Stability


Measurement Uncertainty

0.00~2.00: 0.02; 2.00~4.50: 0.05;
4.50~5.00: 0.08

Power Requirements

5060Hz, 220V10%

Size 300280115mm (length*width*height)
Aperture Diameter


Display Format

three-digit number

Sampling Time

0.8 seconds

Operation Environment

Temperature:0桫40; RH:85%

Power Dissipation

About 25W


About 3kg

Operating Instructions:
I. Measuring Density Values:
1) Push POWER button on the lower right corner of the densimeter after connecting it to the electricity and on the screen will appear -.--. It needs 5 minutes to warm up.
2) Push measuring arm down without putting any samples and on the screen will appear E.1. Keeping on pushing down the measuring arm while pushing the red Zero Setting button on the upper right corner of the densimeter and on the screen will appear 0.00. Releasing the measuring arm, the densimeter will enter the stage of measuring density values.
3) Align the sample with the aperture and push the measuring arm button, its density values will be shown on the screen.
4) While using the standard density tablet equipped with the instrument, the zero point should be determined first, that is, aligning the benchmark without density tablet with the aperture, pushing down the measuring arm and the Zero Setting button at the same time, start test other samples till the screen shows 0.00.
II. Observing Samples:
The tested samples can be observed after the light on the lower left corner of the instrument is turned on and the trichromatic fluorescent lights inside the instrument are lit.
Points for Attention:
Black-white densimeter is a kind of fine measuring instrument. It should be kept away from dusts, humidity, alkaline and acid objects, and magnetic fields.
The joint between the aperture diaphragm and the light source base is relatively loose for the convenience of cleaning the dusts on them. Using the cohesive tape to pull out the aperture diaphragm first and then using writing bush to clean the dusts are strongly recommended.
The aperture diaphragm has been glued with small cohesive tape when leaving the plant. In order not to lose the diaphragm, please do not taking the cohesive tape away when moving or using the aperture diaphragm.
Please keep the density tablet clean. Use it only when you are not sure about the readings of the instrument.
When readings of density values are out of the prescribed range, the measurement data are still of reference value.