DensimeteR, OPTICAL Density meter, densitometer, black white densimeter, film densitometer, densimeter for radiographic testing, density tester
Black White Densimeter                                             
DM3000 series black-white densitometer is used for measuring the blackness of films; it has advantages of accurate reading, high stability, strong anti-interference capacity, attractive appearance and easy operation. It can be widely applied to the fields such as nondestructive testing, sensitive materials, printing industry and medical industry etc. each unit is equipped with density tablet and calibration software for testing its accuracy.

Model Number DM3010 DM3010A DM3011
Density Range D=0.00~4.00 D=0.00~4.50 D=0.00~5.00
Reading Stability


Measurement Uncertainty

0.00~2.00: 0.02; 2.00~4.50: 0.05;
4.50~5.00: 0.06

Power Requirements

50~60Hz, 110~120V or 220V~240V

Size 300280115mm (length*width*height)
Aperture Diameter


Display Format

three-digit number

Sampling Time

0.8 seconds

Operation Environment

Temperature:0C~40C; RH:85%

Power Dissipation

About 25W

Light source 27pcs LED
Communication Port RS232, Optional USB connection


Dimension 260x265x110mm