Dissolved Oxygen (do) meters 
1. Microprocessor based for fast and accurate measurements.
2. Special viewing angle designed of waterproof housing IP 57 rated. It floats on water.
3. Large LCD display and Temperature Simultaneously.
4. Simple to calibrate by one keyboard and automatic temperature compensation (ATC), Manual Salinity (MSC) and Altitude (MAC) Compensation.
5. Multi-functions with Data-hold, Max/Min and shows PTS after calibration. Degree
ºCF are switchable.
6. Low battery and consumption indicator. Auto power shut off after 10 minutes of non use.
7. Easy to replace electrode module and the type of electrode would be recognized automatically and shown in display during insertion.


  DO O2 Temp
Range 0~20.00mg/L 0~200% 0~90.0ºC
Accuracy ±0.2 + 1digit ±2% FS ±0.2+1 digit
Resolution 0.01 0.1 0.1
ATC 0~50ºC
MSC 0~50ppt
MAC 0-20000 ft
Calibration 100% in air
Power DC1.5V x 4 battery AAA/UM-4
Dimensions Meter: 195 x 40 x 36 mm, Kits: 230 x 205 x 50 mm
Weight Meter: 135g(with battery), Kits: 780g
1. Microprocessor based for fast and accurate measurements.
2. Waterproof housing IP 57 rated. It floats on water.
3. Large LCD display and Temperature Simultaneously.
4. Auto Power Off

Range: 0.0~19.9mg/L
Resolution: 0.1mg/L
Accuracy: ±0.5mg/L
Temp.: 0.0~99.9ºC
Temp. Resolution: 0.1ºC
Temp. Accuracy: ±0.5ºC
ATC: 5~45ºC
Calibration Alarm: Yes
Auto Off After 10 minutes
Power: 4 x 1.5V Button Cell
Size: 170*37*37mm
Weight: 90g
Automatic Calibration:
The meter can be calibrated by one or two points. The meter with function of auto recognition when in calibration. If you used solution by mistake, The meter will display tips automatically and save the original value.
Automatic Temperature Compensation:
Due to influence on the range of dissolvability and diffusion caused by temperature, the meter must compensate temperature when measure dissolved oxygen. This series with function of automatic temperature compensation and measurement bring your convenience. After the meter's sensor connected to host, it will enter temperature measurement and compensation mode automatically.
Salinity Coefficient and Atmospheric Pressure:
The salt dissolved in solution will limit oxygen content. Relationship between oxygen's concentration and nutrient changed with the salinity of sample solution. The meters can set salinity value in the range of 0 to 35g/L, and can set atmospheric pressure in the range of 450 to 850 mmHg.
Save Data:
The meter can save data 48 sets. Press [SAVE], and the meter will store current measured value automatically and serial number, date, time and other information.
Output Data:
The data stored in meter can be sent to PC through link. You can also save measured value or print out test report via software.
Multi-Measurement Units:
The meter can set parameter units accord with your country. E.G The conversion between measured units mg/L and ppm; Pressure units kPa and mmHg; Temperature units
ºC and ºF.
Model DO-820 DO-821
Dissolved Oxygen Range 0.0~20.0mg/L or ppm 0.0~20.0mg/L or ppm
Resolution 0.1mg/L 0.01mg/L
Dissolved Oxygen Accuracy ±0.5mg/L ±0.3mg/L
Saturation of Oxygen 0.0~200.0% 0.0~200.0%
Accuracy  ±10.00% ±5.00%
Temperature Range 0.0~50.0oC or 32~122ºF
Temperature Accuracy  ±1oC, ±1.8ºF
Temperature Compensation 0.0~40.0ºC, Automatic
Calibration Points 1 or 2 Points
Salinity Correction 0~35g/L, Adjustable
Atmospheric Pressure Correction 450~850mmHg or 60.0~112.5kPa
Memory 48
Output USB
Power Requirement 9V/800mA Battery
Display  4.3 inch LCD
Dimension 185(L) x 88(W) x 32(H)mm
Weight 300g
DO900 precision dissolved oxygen meter are used to measure amount of gaseous oxygen dissolved in a liquids.
Specifications and Features:
Range: 0-40.00 mg/L (ppm)
Accuracy: +-0.10% F.S.
ATC: 0-45
Automatic Salinity Compensation: 0-45ppt
Manual Air Pressure Compensation: 66-200kPa
IP57 waterproof
Polarogram type DO electrode with special electrode calibration sets, electrode polarization for only 3-5 minutes
DO electrode can simultaneously measure DO, Conductivity and Temperature to realize automatic salinity compensation for DO measurement.
10 IN 1 pH/mV Conductivity/TDS/DO Meter EC910 (Chinese Probe) EC910X (UK Probe)     
High accuracy multi parameter water quality meter includes 8 measurement modes, the meter is suitable for measuring the pH, ORP, Ion concentration, Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, Resistivity and Dissolved Oxygen of the liquids.

pH Mode:
• High accuracy portable multi parameter water quality meter is equipped with a large backlit LCD display.
• 1 to 5 points push-button calibration with auto-buffer recognition.
• Selectable pH buffer standards (USA/NIST/DIN) or using the custom calibration solutions.
• Automatic electrode slope display helps user decide whether to replace sensor.
ORP Mode:
• Single point offset calibration allows adjusting the displayed value to a known standard.
• Relative and absolute millivolt measurement modes provide accurate ORP readings.
Ion Mode:
• 2 to 5 points calibration including the eight concentration calibration points can be selected.
• Automatically recognize ion selective electrodes, does not need to specify type of ion.
• Direct ion concentration readout simplifies the elaborate measurement process.
• Selectable multiple concentration units including the ppm, mg/L and mol/L.
Conductivity/TDS/Salinity/Resistivity Mode:
• 1 to 5 points push-button calibration with automatic calibration solution recognition.
• Selectable cell constants (0.1/1/10), normalization temperatures (20/25
ºC), TDS conversion factors, seawater and practical salinity measurement modes.
Dissolved Oxygen Mode:
• 1 or 2 points calibration using air-saturated water and zero oxygen solution.
• Manual salinity and barometric pressure compensation improve the measurement accuracy.
Other Features:
• Automatic Temperature Compensation provides accurate reading over the entire range.
• Calibration Due Reminder prompts user to calibrate the meter regularly.
• Stability indicator automatically shows current measurement status.
• Auto-Hold function freezes stable measured value for easy viewing and recording.
• Manual temperature calibration corrects temperature deviation.
• Selectable temperature unit (
ºC or ºC) meets different application requirements.
• Automatic electrode diagnosis shows zero point offset and slope of the electrode.
• Help message as a operational guide that helps you quickly begin using the meter.
• System menu allows setting the 15 parameters, including the calibration points, resolutions, stability conditions, measurement units, etc.
• Reset feature automatically resumes all parameters back to factory default options.
• Expanded memory stores and recalls up to 500 readings.
• Built-in real-time clock stamps stored data to meet GLP standard.
• Stored data can be transferred into computer by USB communication interface.
• Multi-mode power scheme (battery, power adapter, computer's USB port) ensures that use the meter smoothly.
1. pH •Range: -2.000~20.000pH
•Accuracy: ±0.002pH
•Resolution: 0.1, 0.01, 0.001pH
•Calibration Points: 1 to 5 points, USA, NIST, DIN Standards
•Temperature Compensation: 0~100
ºC, 32~212ºF, Manual or Automatic
2. mV •Range: -1999.9~1999.9mV
•Accuracy: ±0.2mV
•Resolution: 0.1, 1mV
•Calibration Points: 1 point (Only for Relative mV mode)
•Calibration Range: ±200mV
3. Ion •Range: 0.001~19999ppm, mg/L, mol/L (Depending on range of ISE)
•Accuracy: ±0.5% F.S (Monovalent), ±1% F.S (Divalent)
•Resolution: 0.001, 0.01, 0.1, 1
•Calibration Points: 2 to 5 points
•Calibration Solutions: 0.001, 0.01, 0.1, 1, 10, 100, 1000, 10000ppm, mol/L, mg/L
4. Conductivity •Range: 0~20.00, 200.0, 2000µS/cm, 20.00, 200.0mS/cm
•Accuracy: ±0.5% F.S
•Calibration Points: 1 to 5 points
•Calibration Solutions: 10µS/cm, 84µS/cm,1413µS/cm,12.88mS/cm,111.8mS/cm
•Temperature Compensation: 0~100
ºC, 32~212ºF, Manual or Automatic
•Temperature Coefficient: 0.0~10.0%/
•Compensation Modes: Linear or Pure Water
•Cell Constant: K=0.1, 1, 10
•Normalization Temperature: 20 or 25
5. TDS •Range: 0~10ppt (Max. 20ppt, depending on factor setting)
•Accuracy: ±1% F.S
•TDS Factor: 0.1~1.0 (Default 0.5)
6. Salinity •Range: 0~10ppt (Max. 80ppt)
•Accuracy: ±1% F.S
•Measurement Modes: Seawater or Practical Salinity
7. Resistivity •Range: 0~100MΩ
•Accuracy: ±1% F.S
•Resolution: 0.01, 0.1, 1
8. Dissolved Oxygen (DO) •Range: 0.00~20.00mg/L (or ppm)
•Accuracy: ±0.2mg/L
•Resolution: 0.01mg/L
•Calibration Points: 1 or 2 points
•Temperature Compensation: 0~50
ºC, 32~122ºF
•Pressure Correction: 60.0~112.5kPa, 450~850mmHg
•Salinity Correction: 0~50g/L
9. Saturation of Oxygen •Range: 0.0~200.0%
•Accuracy: ±2.0%
•Resolution: 0.1%
10. Temperature •Range: 0~105ºC, 32~221ºF
•Accuracy: ±0.5
ºC, ±0.9ºF
•Resolution: 0.1
•Calibration Points: 1 point
•Calibration Range: Measured value ±10
11. Others Hold Function: Manual or Automatic
Stability Conditions: Low or High
Calibration Due: 0 to 31 days
Power Off: Manual or Automatic (10, 20, 30 minutes)
Reset Function: Yes
Memory: Stores up to 500 data sets
Output: USB Communication Interface
Connector: BNC, 6-pin Mini Plug
Power Requirements: 3 x 1.5V "AA" Batteries
Battery Life: Approximately 150 hours (Turn off the backlit)
Dimensions: 170(L)x 85(W) x 30(H)mm
Weight: 300g

DO-980 precision dissolved oxygen meter are used to measure amount of gaseous oxygen dissolved in a liquids.

Two-point push-button calibration (Zero and 100%)
Automatic temperature compensation
Salinity and barometric pressure compensation
Multi-measurement units (mg/L/ppm; kPa/mmHg, etc.)
Automatic operation message prompts
Expanded memory stores and recalls up to 99 data sets
Built-in real-time clock stamps for stored data
USB Communication interface


Model  DO-980
Dissolved Oxygen Range 0.00~20.00mg/L or ppm
Resolution 0.01mg/L
Dissolved Oxygen Accuracy ±0.3mg/L 
% Saturation of Oxygen 0.0~200.0%
Accuracy ±5.00%
Temperature Range 0.0~50.0ºC, 32~122ºF
Temperature Accuracy ±1ºC, ±1.8ºF
Temperature Compensation 0.0~40.0ºC, Automatic
Salinity Correction 0~35g/L
Barometric Pressure Correction 450~850mmHg, 60.0~112.5kPa
Calibration Points 1 or 2 Points, 100% in air or 0% in solution 
Memory 99 data sets
Output USB Communication interface
Power Requirements DC9V, using AC adapters, 220VAC, 50Hz
Dimensions 210(L) x 188(W) x 60(H)mm
Dissolved Oxygen Meter DO-5510HA           M a n u a l     
*The polarographic type oxygen probe with an incorpo-rated Temp. sensor, high precision measurement for Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Oxygen in air(
O₂) & Temp. measurement.
* Heavy duty dissolved oxygen probe, probe head can connect with BOD bottle.
* Automatic Temp. Compensation from 0 to 50 ℃ for sensor probe.
* Build in " % SALT" & " Mountain Height" compensation adjustment button.
* Microprocessor circuit.
* Records Maximum, Minimum value.

Dissolved Oxygen: 0-20.0 mg/L (liter).
    Oxygen in Air: 0-100.0 %
    Temperature 0 to 50
Dissolved Oxygen 0.4mg/L
    Oxygen in Air: 0.7%
Temperature 0.8ºC/1.5ºF
Dissolved Oxygen 0.1mg/L
    Oxygen in Air: 0.1%
    Temperature 0.1
Dissolved Oxygen Meter DO-510                             
Range: Dissolved Oxygen: 0.00-19.99mg/L (liter).
Oxygen in Air: 0.0-255.0 %.
Accuracy: ±1.5% F.S.
Resolution: Dissolved Oxygen 0.01mg/L
Oxygen in Air: 0.1% O2
Temperature Compensation: 0 ~ 45
Power Supply: DC 9V
Dimensions: 123 x 72 x 33mm

Dissolved Oxygen Meter DO-8401                             
■Measured DO &temperature can be displayed together
■Automatic power shutdown without operate for 20 minutes, battery saving
■Handheld design, easy to carry
■Low battery indicator
■Easy 100% D.O value calibration
■Automatic temperature compensation
■Backlight screen, easy to use in the shade
■Data can be transferred to the computer with the data line (RS232)

Technical Parameter
■Display type: LCD
■Measurement Range (in %): 0~199.9; Resolution: 0.1%
■Measurement Range (in ppm or mg/l): 0.00 ~ 19.99; Resolution: 0.01
■Accuracy: ±1.5% F.S
■Temperature Range: 0 ~ 30
■Temperature Accuracy: ±0.5
■Power supply: 4 x 1.5V batteries
■Weight: 150 grams
■Dimensions: 175 x 70 x 33mm
■Operating ambient temperature: 0 ~ +50
■Relative humidity: 90% max
Dissolved Oxygen Meter DO-607A                             
  • 3/1/2LCD with blue-light
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Immediate response
  • Easy to carry
  • D.C. power supply: one piece of 9V battery
  • The electrode system is composed of polarographic oxygen electrode and temperature electrode
1. Range: Dissolved Oxygen: 0-20mg/L; Temp: 0-40ºC
2. Accuracy: Dissolved oxygen: ±0.3 mg/L±1bit (basic temperature); ±0.5mg/L±1bit (differ: ±10
ºC from basic temperature);
Temperature: ±1
3. Response time: ≤30s (90% response at 20.0
4. Stability of the meter: not over ±0.2mg/L ±1bit within one hour
5. Remaining current: ≤0.15mg/L
6. The range of automatic temperature compensation: 0-40
Dissolved Oxygen Meter DO-608                             


1. With the function of double displays of dissolved oxygen concentration value and temperature, dissolved oxygen saturation value and temperature
2.Measuring D.O. concentration, saturation, electrode current and temperature; With the functions of automatic temperature compensation and calibration of zero oxygen, full scale, atmosphere pressure and salinity.
3.The meter has the function of protection from electricity cutting off. With Measuring results can be stored, deleted, viewed and printed. At most 250 sets of data can be stored.
4. With wide screen LCD. It is easy to operate with the prompt facility. With PC panel of new material, thus the meter has good reliability.
5. With low power consumption design, with the functions of lack of voltage display, switching off automatically.
6.With RS-232 interface which is connected and with Model TP-16 printer to print measuring results or connected with computer to communicate.
7.Grade of the case protection is IP65, resistant to water and dirt, suitable for field operation
8.The electrode system is composed of polarographic oxygen electrode and temperature electrode.

1.Measuring range: Dissolved oxygen concentration: (0.00~19.99)mg/L; Dissolved oxygen saturation: (0.0~199.9)%; Temperature: (0~40.0)
2.Automatic temperature compensation range: (0.0~40.0)
3.Accuracy of the meter: D.O. concentration: ±0.3mg/L±1bit(basic temperature);±0.5mg/L (differ: ±15
ºC from basic temperature); D.O. saturation : ±5.0% (basic temperature); ±10.0% differ: ±15ºC from basic temperature; Temperature: ±0.5ºC±1bit.
4.Repeatability of the meter: ≤0.2mg/L.
5.Stability of the meter: not over ±0.2mg/L within one hour.
6.Remaining current: ≤0.1mg/L.
7.Response time ≤20s (90% response at 20.0
8.Salinity calibrating range: (0.0~40.0)g/L.
9.IP65 protection grading
Dissolved Oxygen Controller DO-8600                             
Dissolved oxygen measure in industrial boiler inlet water, industrial ferment measure, water measure of environment protection

Some of the data can be set, such as elevation, salinity etc; automatic temperature compensation
Memory function in case of power off, no need to reserve a battery, data can be saved for more than 10 years
Isolated, double channels 4~20mA output, digital communication terminal
Pt 1000 temperature compensation component, with temperature control/communication function
Double channels OCT configuration control output, with pulse frequency conversion output function, high/low limit alarm
DC 24V power supply ,which meet the satety regulation even in damp site
Technical Data:
Measure range: 0.00~19.99mg/L
Resolution: 0.01mg/L 0.01%
Accuracy: ±1.5% FS
Automatic Temperature compensation: 0~45
Output signal: Isolated 4~20mA output
Working environment temperature: 0~50
ºC, Humidity: 90%RH max
Control output mode: OC
Contactor capacity: ≤80mA
Power supply: DC 24V±15%
Protection level: IP65 (when the back cover was covered)
Outline dimension: 96 x 96 x 105mm (H x W x D)
Hole size: 91 x 91mm (H x W)
Fix mode: Panel mounting
Laboratory Optical DO Sensor DO-102                             
Laboratory optical dissolved oxygen sensor is developed primary for scientific research and educational uses. The USB based sensor is designed as plug in and play sensor. It does not require a handheld unit or a controller. Just plug the senor into a computer or a Tablet, you will get readings in seconds.
Advantages of optical dissolved oxygen measurement
· Easy use, no membrane, no electrolyte.
· Long lifetime, maintenance free and less calibration.
· No flow dependency and fast response.
· Immune to electrical interference, no chemical interference.
Range: 0-20 mg/L or 0-200% sat
Accuracy: +/-1%
Response time: <10 sec
Drifting: <1% per year
Temperature Accuracy: +/- 0.2
Temperature and barometric pressure compensation: Build-in Automatic
1. USB connection: supporting USB2.0. No handheld meter is required.
2. Slim 16 mm design.