Earth Resistance Tester
Analog Earth Resistance Tester MS5209                               
1. Earth Resistance
2. By Constant Current Inverter
3. 800Hz approx, 2mA
4. Earth Voltage
5. By Rectifier Type
6. 5KΩ/V approx,40~50Hz
7. Withstand Voltage: 1500V AC for one minute between electrical circuit and housing case.
8. Self-Check Facility: Lead wire connection to C and P terminals and proper auxiliary earth resistance can be checked by pressing "BATT CHECK" button. "OK" lamp is illuminated.

1. Earth Ground Resistance: 10Ω; 100Ω; 1000Ω
2. Voltage to Earth: 30V (AC)
3. Accuracy: +-5%
Earth Resistance Clamp Meter MS2301                            
Products Characteristics
1. Test voltage: 3700V
2. Electric clearance: 6.5mm (IEC1010 double insulation CAT II 600V)
3. Electric shock: IEC1010-1
4. Limiting overload: 20A RMS current
5. Average consumption: approx. 50mA
6. Range: auto range
7. Display: LCD 4 digit, 9999
8. Low voltage indication: display symbol
9. Power supply: Ni-MH 600mAh 12Vx6 AAA
10. Average service life: recharge 500 times, per time approx.10~12 hours for continuum using
11. Time per measurement: 1 SECOND
12. Operating temperature: -10
°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F)
13. Storage temperature: -20
°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
14. Conductor size: Φ32mm OR 45mm x 32mm
15. Dimensions: 54mm x 104mm x 32mm
16. Weight: approximate 1050g (include the batteries)
17. Certificate: CE (EMC+LVD) ETL CAT III 150V RoHS

1. Display: 9999 counts
2. Jaw Opening: 45mm*32mm/1.8"*1.3"
3. Auto Ranging
4. Auto Power Off
5. Test Voltage: 3700V
6. Logging and Recall: 99 groups
7. Alarm Limit Setting: Setting Alarm Threshold in 1~100Ω
8. Low Battery Display
9.Buzzer ON symbol
10. Data hold
Measurement Resistance Range Resolution Accuracy
0.01Ω~0.999Ω 0.001Ω +-(1.5%+0.01)
1Ω~9.99Ω 0.01Ω +-(1.5%+0.3)
10Ω~99.9Ω 0.1Ω +-(3.0%+0.3)
100Ω~199.9Ω 1Ω +-(5.0%+3)
200Ω~400Ω 5Ω +-(6.0%+5)
400Ω~600Ω 10Ω +-(10%+10)
600Ω~1200Ω 20Ω +-(20%+20)
Measuring Current 100mA 0.1mA +-(3.5%+1)
300mA 0.3mA +-(3.5%+2)
1A 0.001A +-(3.5%+0.003)
3A 0.003A +-(3.5%+0.01)
10A 0.01A +-(3.5%+0.03)
20A 0.03A +-(3.5%+0.05)
Advanced Earth Resistance Tester MS2307                           
Products Characteristics
1. Ambient temperature and humidity for test: 0~40°C, <80%RH (without condensation)
2. Temperature for battery charging: 10~40ºC, <80% RH
3. Storage temperature and humidity: -10~50ºC, < 90% RH (without condensation)
4. Temperature & humidity for battery-pack storage: -20~30ºC, <80% RH (without condensation)
5. Altitude for storage: <12000m; Altitude for operation: <2000m
6. Clamp Diameter: φ51mm
7. Display: LCD with backlight; Max. number: 9999
8. Overflow indication: > LIMIT
9. Underflow indication: "-"
10. Frequency for updating display: For earthing-resistance/leak-current: once per second (once in every four seconds if AVERAGE function is used ); Detection of output voltage: twice per second; Interference voltage: 4 time per second
Interference frequency: once per second; Interference current: once per second
11. Terminals: 1) Resistance test; 2) USB, charger
12. Power supply: 1) LR14 alkaline battery x 6; rated voltage: 1.5V x 6; 2) Battery pack: rechargeable nickel - metal hydride batteries; rated voltage: 7.2V; 3) Charger: rated input voltage: 100 ~ 240V; rated frequency: 50 ~ 60 Hz; output voltage: 12VDC 3A
13. Max. power consumption: 15VA (using charger); 6VA (using batteries or rechargeable battery pack)
14. Max. powering time: Alkaline battery: about 5 hours; battery pack: about 9 hours (with backlight turned off)
15. Max. input voltage: 250V AC (50~400 Hz)
16. Max. rated voltage to earth: 300 Vrms (CAT III)
17. Insulation strength: 6880V AC: 15 seconds
18. Overload protection: 250V AC between terminals: 1 minute
19. Dimensions: About 260 (W)×125 (H)×280 (L) mm
20. Weight: About 2.5kg
21. Applicable standards: 1). Safety: EN61010-1:2001, EN61010-031:2002, Pollution degree 2; Measurement category III 300V; 2). EMC: EMC: EN61000-3-2:2000 IEC61326-1: 1997 A grade
22. Testing earthing resistance, soil resistivity, interference voltage/interference/current
23. Compensating test-wire resistance
24. Data saving function: recording (100 records), deleting a single record, deleting all records, uploading data to PC
25. Clock
26. AVERAGE function for test data
27. ALARM function for input terminals
28. Charging battery
29. Auto powering-off
30. Safety rating: CE(EMC) ETL CAT III 300V RoHS

1. Display: Digital/analog dual display; LCD with backlight 9999
2. Color Display: Auto Power Off
3. Clock: To display date and time; To switch input-cursor position when changing date/time
4. AVG: Indicator for averaged-value measurement
5. RK: Compensation Resistance
6. Limit: Limit Value
7. Alarming indicator for limit-value measurement
8. Battery capacity indicator
9. Display Backlight: Display Backlight
10. Length: Testing length between resistivity testing point
11. Data Storage: 100 groups Measurement Can Be Memorized
12. USB2.0 Interface
3 Pole & 4 Pole Earthing-Resistance Test Range Accuracy
Test Voltage: AC20/48V  
Test Frequency: 94Hz/105Hz/111Hz/128Hz/AFC  
Earthing-Resistance Test 0.1Ω~30KΩ
Selective mode (3 pole+  / 4 pole+) Test Voltage: AC20/48V  
Test Frequency: 94Hz/105Hz/111Hz/128Hz/AFC  
Earthing-Resistance Test 0.1Ω~10KΩ
Non-auxiliary polar mode Test Voltage: AC48V  
Test Frequency: 94Hz/105Hz/111Hz/128Hz/AFC  
Earthing-Resistance Test 0.1Ω~150Ω
2 Pole R~ Test Voltage: AC20V  
Test Frequency: 94Hz/105Hz/111Hz/128Hz/AFC  
Earthing-Resistance Test 0.1Ω~30KΩ
2/4 Pole R Test Voltage: AC20V  
Earthing-Resistance Test 0.1Ω~3KΩ
Interfering Voltage /Current /Frequency Interfering Voltage : 1~5V DC/AC  
Interfering Frequency : 16Hz~400Hz  
Interfering Current : 20mA~2A  
Soil Resistivity ρ Test Voltage: AC20/48V  
Test Frequency: 94Hz/105Hz/111Hz/128Hz/AFC  
Range: 0.02Ω•m~1000kΩ•m  
RK (Wire Compensation) Test Voltage: AC20/48V  
Test Frequency: 94Hz/105Hz/111Hz/128Hz/AFC  
Range:  0.1Ω~30Ω
Short Circuit Current   ≤100mA
Earth Resistance Tester MS2302                       
Products Characteristics
1. Air temperature:23+-5ºC, Relative humidity: <75%
2. Range Specifications: Earth Ground Resistance: Range: 10Ω, Precision: ±(1%rdg+3d); Range: 4000Ω, Precision: ±(4% rdg +4d); Earth Voltage; Range: AC50V(50/60HZ), Precision: ±(2% rdg +4d).
3. Measurement method: Constant Current Conversion is used for the measurement of earth resistance, with the frequency of the testing current about 800HZ and the size about 3mA. Average rectification is used for the measurement of earth voltage.
4. Temperature and humidity for measurement 0~40ºC, relative humidity under 85%
5. Temperature and humidity for keeping the meter -10~50ºC, relative humidity under 85%
6. Battery: Six 1.5V AA batteries
7. Volume: 330 x 125 x 265
8. Weight: 3.45kg
9. Supplied accessories: 3 test leads (one 15-meter-long red lead, one 10-meter-long green lead and one 5-meter-long black lead ) , 2 auxiliary earth bars
10. Certificate: CE(EMC+LVD) ETL CAT III 300V RoHS

1. Auto Ranging
2. Auto Power Off
3. Segments Bar Graph
5. Continuity Test
6. Relative Measurement
7. Data Logging: 99 groups
8. Display Backlight
9. Low Battery Display
Earth Ground Resistance Range Resolution Accuracy
0~29.99Ω 0.01Ω +-(2%+6)
30~99.9Ω 0.1Ω +-(3%+3)
100~999Ω 1Ω +-(3%+3)
1.00~4.00kΩ 10Ω +-(3%+3)
Measuring Voltage to Earth 0~200V(50Hz~60Hz) 0.1V +-(1%+5)