digital melting point Tester 
Digital Melting Point Tester             

Features: Detect the melting point automatically by means of transmittance and control linear heating speed by microprocessor for high sensitivity and stability. Two LED display the temperature of the furnace and initial or final melting point for read conveniently.

Model WRS-1A WRS-1B
Range Room Temp ~ 300ºC
Resolution 0.1ºC
Linear heating Speed 0.2, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 (ºC/min)
Capillary Size Outside Diameter 1.4m Inside Diameter 1.0mm
Accuracy 200ºC: ±0.5ºC; 200~300ºC: ±0.8ºC
Repeatability Heating Speed 1.0ºC/min: 0.3ºC
Power 220V/50HZ, 100W
Weight 13Kg
Size 62 x 42 x 34cm
PC Connect NO RS232
Digital Melting Point Tester              
WRS-100 is a economic and easy-use melting point device. With a precise thermistor control system, the measurement range of the device is excellent, giving 0.1ºC resolutions on display.
The device is designed to simultaneously measure two samples. The internal LED light source, together with clear magnified lens and tilt rear feet aids users to have a broader and clearer view.
The measurement ranges from room temperature to 300ºC. The two different ramping speed modes make measurement much quicker and convenient.

WRS-100, WRS-200


WRS-200 is the upgrade version of WRS-100 and has following more features:
1. Built with internal fan to speed up the cool down process of the machine. The cooling rate is 25ºC/min.
2. The cooling process is automatically stared when the analysis process ended, and the fan will be turned off when the temperature reaching 5ºC below fast stage temperature. It will help user quickly to do the next analysis.
3. Double display in both outside and inside view. It help user frequently prevent frequently switching gaze between eyepiece and outside LED display.
4. A hand-held “READ” push button helps users to record data quickly without looking for the “READ” button in the fascia.
5. Capable of recording data. Data will be stored permanently until erase.


Model WRS-100 WRS-200 WRS-300
Temperature Range

Ambient to 300ºC

Cooling Rate N/A 25ºC/min N/A
Data Recording N/A YES N/A
Accuracy ±1.0ºC at 20ºC; ±2.5ºC at 300ºC ±0.5ºC
Display 4 digit LED
Resolution 0.1ºC
Readout Hold YES
Number of Samples 2
Fast Stage Ramp Rates 20ºC/min fixed
Slow Stage Ramp Rates Adjustable between 1~1020ºC/min
Dimensions 160 x 220 x 170mm
Weight 1.8kg
Automatic Digital Melting Point Tester with Printer RD-1              
Melting point is the temperature of something turning to liquid from solid. Testing it is the main method to detect some characters, such as purity etc. The tester is suitable for testing melting point of drug, spice and dye etc.

1. Testing the temperature with high-precision sensor, emending nonlinear error
2. Using auto frequency-conversion control technology with high accuracy in controlling
Temperature and little linear error in heating speed.
3. Auto-memorizing and nothing preset data and melt point, holding without power. With mini printer.
4. Auto magnetism stirrer, with the bath oil even in temperature.
5. Auto-preset temperature, auto-heat, display preset and real-time data alternately in time.
6. Automation: auto-test, auto-diagnose, auto-alarm.


The range of melting point

RT ~ 270 °C


+/-0.5 °C

Usage temperature

15-35 °C

The range of preset temperature

50-260 °C

Oil bath

Methyl Silicone Oil

Oil bath cup

250 ml high beaker


0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 3.0°C/min

Accuracy of rate


Power of heater


Power supply

AC,220V/50HZ 1 phase or 110V/60HZ 1 phase


6 kg

Overall size

200 x 320 x 305mm