BED UNIT DISINFECTION MACHINE AM-T80                             
Product introduction:
It is an important indicator of hospital management to control the cross-infection using bed unit disinfection machine. The cross-infection in hospital wards: the disinfection of unit bed disinfection machine for mattresses, blankets, sheets, pillows and other items is not completely. Over the years, the routine disinfection methods of hospital for beds, mattresses, blankets, sheets, pillows and other items include ultraviolet-ray irradiation or autoclaving. These methods can only achieve superficial disinfection effect but not completely and effectively kill the potential germs at mattresses, blankets, sheets and pillows. This computer-controlled bed unit ozone sterilizer provides economic and efficient disinfection equipment for hospitals to control cross-infection and cut off infection route, because it can kill a variety of bacteria in beds and air.

Equipment advantages:
▲Beautiful appearance and easy to move;
▲With air compression technology, the ozone can completely go into cotton and other items for disinfection;
▲With special stainless steel ceramic ozone generators, the ozone production volume is large with high concentration and
long service life;
▲Effectively kill a variety of bacteria, viruses and propagules, with a killing rate of 99%;
▲Be able to remove a variety of odors, such as the smells of drug or blood and so on;
▲The disinfection process is controlled completely by computer, and the control are classified into automatic / manual modes,
and all programs can be set and selected within the range from 1 to 99 minutes freely, with Chinese display;
▲Panel program adopts automatic memory after setting the time with simple operation; using new analytical techniques for
ozone, the residual ozone will not pollute the environment;
▲Automatic fault detection, shutdown and alarm;
▲Two beds can be sterilized simultaneously;
▲In the disinfection process, the concentration of ozone can be enriched continuously;
▲Pump and piping materials resist oxidation with long service life.
Scope of application:
It is mainly applicable to hospital mattresses, bedding, blankets, pillows, sheets, etc.; in addition, it is also applicable to towels in hotel as well as air sterilization in other public places.


Model Outline dimension Power Power voltage Ozones(m2) Disinfection Area
AM-T80 430*440*920
220V/50Hz 1000mg
Portable Ozone Generator AM-T Serials                              
Product introduction:
It is easy for the portable ozone generator to move on the desktop. The equipment is distributed evenly according to the workshop shape. Driven by the axial fan in the equipment, the ozone diffuses into the air. The equipment is suitable to be used in the relatively dry environment.
Scope of application:
Sterilization, disinfection and odor removal: such as hotel air purification, laboratory sterilization, changing room deodorization, toilet deodorization, packaging and storage room and other relatively dry environment with small air humidity.
Product characteristics:
Ceramic chip extending face discharge pattern is used in the ozone core of the equipment; the equipment is characterized by high output and stable ozone concentration; non-standard specifications can also be customized according to the needs of the customers; Microcomputer (CPU) control system; CPU (microcomputer) controls the whole process of the whole machine; free programming host can be started and stopped automatically;
Automatic working time adjustment function of free programming host; Three-digit display; The main function keys of the equipment can be operated artificially according to the need.
Model Size Power Ozone Output Disinfection Area

AM-T3 180x320x185mm 90W 3g/H 30M3
AM-T5 235x420x175mm 180W 5g/H 50M3
AM-T10 240W 10g/H 100M3