surge protective device
3 IN 1 Lightning Surge Protective Device VCP-3             
Applications: The 3 in 1 multi-function surge protector with a PTZ camera targeted at lightning surge protection design and protection circuit for power, video and control signals, ID cards aimed at multi-function surge protective device design of fixed-point cameras, protection circuit for the current and video signals, mainly applicable to electric power transportation, military, finance, communications, PC room, camera monitoring system lightning protection
Size: 102.5 x 63.3 x 38mm
1. Large electric current
2. Multistage protection
3. High speed responding 1ns max
4. Increased signal transmission
5. Low residual pressure
6. Convenient installation without maintenance
7. Wide range of AC/DC input voltage
8. Two-stage of linkage protection is adpopted
9. Easy to install and maintenance

VCP-3 Video End Controller End Power End
Link End BNC 2P+1 ground end 2P
Transmission Speed 10M 2M --
Access consumption 0.2db 0.2db --
Working voltage 6V/12V 6V/12V/24V 12V/24V/220V, AC/DC
Max Voltage


Normal current 5KA/10KA
Continuous working voltage -- -- 380V
Action voltage 96V 400V
Power rating 0.01W
Protection level -- -- 1.2/50us
Over current protection -- -- discharge
Response time 1ns max
Earth resistance 4Ω max
Ambient temperature -40 ~ 90ºC
Cover materials Aluminum alloy without rain proof
Protection class IP66