Water Activity Meter, Water Activity Instruments

Water Activity Moisture Meter MS2100 (with software) MS2100S (without software)        
Water activity (aw) is a measurement of the energy status of the water in a system. The value indicates how tightly water is “bound,” structurally or chemically, within a substance. Water activity is the relative humidity of air in equilibrium with a sample in a sealed chamber. The concept of water activity is of particular importance in determining product quality and safety. Water activity influences color, odor, flavor, texture and shelf-life of many products. It predicts safety and stability with respect to microbial growth, chemical and biochemical reaction rates, and physical properties.

MS2100 is one full function industrial instrument, equipped with different sensor, it can test air, liquid, gas, solid moisture value.
1. Water Activity:
    1) Range: 0-1.00aw
    2) Accuracy: +-0.2aw
    3) Repeatability: +-0.015aw
    4) Resolution: 0.001aw
2. Moisture:
    1) Range: 0-100% RH
    2) Accuracy: +-2%FS
    3) Repeatability: +-0.5abs
    4) Resolution: 0.1%
    5) Working temperature: -20°C~85°C
3. Explore Class: Class 1, group A/B/C/D; Class II, group E/F/G.
4. Test mode: Smart, Porj, Normal
Dew Point Water Activity Meter WA-60         


  4 digits LCD

  Range   Sample Temperature   0~50°C
  Water Activity   0~0.980 (No condensation)
  Accuracy   Sample Temperature   ±0.5°C
  Water Activity   ±0.015(@25°C)
  Activity Repeatability   ≤0.015
  Power Supply   220VAC±10%
  Consumption   <15W
  Data Output (Optional)   USB, RS-232 Cable & Software
  Environment Temperature   0~50°C
  Environment Humidity   0~95%RH
  Weight   About 7.22kg
  Dimension   342(W)x140(H)x326(D) mm