indicators, thickness gage 

0. Double System Dial Indicators

Order No.

Range Resolution Dial Diameter

303-0001 0-15mm/0-0.5" 0.01mm/0.001" 60mm
303-0002 0-25mm/0-1" 0.01mm/0.001" 60mm
Order No. Range Resolution Dial Diameter

303-0003 0-0.5"/0-12.7mm 0.001"/0.01mm 2-3/8"
303-0004 0-25mm/0-1" 0.01mm/0.001" 2-3/8"
Order No. Range Resolution Dial Diameter

303-0005 0-25mm/0-1" 0.01mm/0.001" 76mm
303-0006 0-40mm/0-1.5" 0.01mm/0.001" 76mm
303-0007 0-50mm/0-2" 0.01mm/0.001" 76mm
Order No. Range Resolution Dial Diameter

303-0008 0-1"/0-25mm 0.01mm/0.001" 76mm
303-0009 0-1.5"/0-40mm 0.01mm/0.001" 76mm
303-0010 0-2"/0-50mm 0.01mm/0.001" 76mm

1. Digital Indicator


200-0125 200-1125
Order No.: 200-0125 200-1125
Max. response speed
Max. measuring fore
Display 6 Digit
Power source
1.55V/SR44 1piece
Operating temperature
Relative humidity
Storage temperature
Explanation Fixed display
330° Turnable display

2. Analog Digital Indicators

  • Analog and digital display
  • The time of automatic power-off can be self-set
  • Inch/Metric conversion at any position
  • Zero setting at any position
  • Absolute or increase
  • Presetting display values in ABS
  • Tolerance setting and OK (Go) or ± NG discrimination
  • Max/Min memory and Max-min
  • Measuring direction conversion
  • Data output
  • Face swivels 360° to mount various angles (fixed also available)
  • Power supply: 3V Li battery


Resolution Order No. Range Accuracy Measuring force
0.01mm(.0005") 201-0050 12.7mm(0.5") ±0.03mm ≤3N
0.01mm(.0005") 201-0051 14mm(0.6") ±0.03mm ≤3N
0.001mm(.00005") 201-0052 12.7mm(0.5") ±0.009mm ≤3.5N
0.001mm(.00005") 201-0053 15mm(0.6") ±0.009mm ≤3.5N

3. Dial Test Indicators

1) Metric Inch Dial Test Indicator

Order No. Grad. Range Dial Dia. Note
201-0060 0.01mm/0.0005" 0.6mm/0.03" 38.4mm  
201-0059 0.01mm/0.0005" 0.6mm/0.03" 38.4mm Ruby Ball Head

2) Metric Dial Test Indicator

Order No. Grad. Range Dial Dia. Note
201-0061 0.01mm 0.8mm 31mm  
201-0062 0.01mm 0.8mm 31mm Ruby Ball Head

3) Metric Dial Test Indicator Big Dial

Order No. Grad. Range Dial Dia. Note
201-0063 0.01mm 0.8mm 38.4mm  
201-0064 0.01mm 0.8mm 38.4mm Ruby Ball Head

4) Long Range Metric Dial Test Indicator

Order No. Grad. Range Dial Dia. Note
201-0065 0.01mm -1.6mm to +1.6mm 38mm  

5) Inch Dial Test Indicator

Order No. Grad. Range Dial Dia. Note
201-0080 0.0005" 0.03" 31mm  
201-0081 0.0005" 0.03" 31mm Ruby Ball Head

6) Long Range Inch Dial Test Indicator

Order No. Grad. Range Dial Dia. Note
201-0082 0.0005" +/-0.06" 38mm  

7) Digital Dial Test Indicator

  • Manual power on/off.
  • Zero setting at any position.
  • Metric/Inch system conversion at any position.
  • May be used to determine if the  measured item's dimension is within the predetermined tolerance of the indicator.
Order No. Grad. Range Dial Dia. Note
201-0066 0.01mm/0.0005" -+0.5mm/ -+0.02" 37.5mm Tol Type

8) Metric Micron Dial Test Indicator

Order No. Grad. Range Dial Dia. Note
201-0070 0.002mm 0.2mm 31mm  
201-0071 0.002mm 0.2mm 31mm Ruby Ball Head
201-0072 0.001mm 0.12mm 31mm  
201-0073 0.001mm 0.12mm 31mm Ruby Ball Head

9) Metric Micron Dial Test Indicator Big Dial

Order No. Grad. Range Dial Dia. Note
201-0074 0.002mm 0.2mm 38.4mm  
201-0075 0.002mm 0.2mm 38.4mm Ruby Ball Head
201-0076 0.001mm 0.12mm 38.4mm  
201-0077 0.001mm 0.12mm 38.4mm Ruby Ball Head

4. Circular Digital Thickness Gauge

  • Auto power off or Manual Off.
  • Metric/Inch system interchange at any position
  • Zero setting at any position
  • With data output interface
  • Fast tracing of minimum or maximum value during measurements
  • Display holding function

Resolution Measuring Range Auto Off No. Manual Off  Accuracy
0.01mm(.0005″) 0-15mm(0-.6″) 101-7015 101-7016 ±0.03mm
0.01mm(.0005″) 0-20mm(0-.8″) 101-7020 101-7021 ±0.03mm
0.01mm(.0005″) 0-25mm(0-1″) 101-7025 101-7026 ±0.03mm

5. Pocket Thickness Gage

Steel Anvils
Steel Anvils
Steel Anvils

6. Pocket Digital Thickness Gage

  • Manual power on/off
  • Zero setting and Metric/Inch system conversion at any position.
  • Unique design on inside structure promises constant measuring force on measuring face.
  • With polished and lapped measuring faces that are made of hardened stainless steel. 
  • Power supplied by one SR44 battery whose capacity is 165mAh.
  • Easy to quick measure the thickness of paper, leather, plastic products, metal strip and etc..
  • Pocket size with big measuring range. Brand-new design on outward appearance, large silver-plated window glass with attractive laser-style characters.
  • Large LCD display with 8.4mm height.
  • Large "click" function buttons for easy operating.
Order No. Range Resolution Precision Weight
about 80g

7.  Mini Digital Thickness Gage

  • Light weight
  • Easy to operate
  • High efficiency to measure the small size work pieces


Range mm/in

Resolution mm/in

101-7101 0-15/0.6 0.01/.0005





Range mm/in

Resolution mm/in

101-7103 0-12.7/0.5 0.01/.0005

8.  Digital Thickness Gage

1) ON/OFF Switch
2) mm/inch Switch
3) Zero setting
4) One 1.5V cell battery only
Order No. Range Resolution Throat depth A Accuracy
101-7130 0-10mm/0.4" 0.01mm/0.0005" 30mm ±0.02mm
101-7131 0-10mm/0.4" 0.01mm/0.0005" 60mm ±0.02mm
101-7132 0-10mm/0.4" 0.01mm/0.0005" 120mm ±0.02mm
101-7133 0-20mm/0.8" 0.01mm/0.0005" 120mm ±0.02mm
101-7134 0-10mm/0.4" 0.001mm/0.00005" 30mm ±0.009mm
101-7135 0-10mm/0.4" 0.001mm/0.00005" 60mm ±0.009mm
101-7136 0-10mm/0.4" 0.001mm/0.00005" 120mm ±0.009mm

9. Coaxial Indicators 

Order No Range of Per Rev. Length of Straight Feeler Length of Center Point Feeler Length of Curved Feeler
101-7003 0-3mm 45mm, 100mm, 154mm 52.5mm 46mm, 100mm, 154mm
101-7512 0-0.12" 1.77", 4", 6.06" 2.07in 1.81", 4in, 6.06"

10.  3D Alignment Indicators

Order No Sensing Tip Movement Graduation Value Accuracy   Holding Bar
101-7705 Ruby *Radial 0-10mm

*Axial  0-6mm

*Radial 0.01mm

*Axial 0.0032 

0.008mm Dia20mm
101-7706 Steel


  • Quick GO/NO-GO judgment of outside diameters of cylinders and shaft.
  • Can be measuring several different diameters within 10 mm without any adjustment if use digital indicator and calibrating gages (when middle number production economically)
  • Carbide-tipped flat measuring faces insure maximum wear resistance.
  • Both front edges of the anvil are chamfered for easy insertion Convenient handle with heat insulators open on one end to eliminate heat transfer.
  • High accuracy .Straight of measuring spindle movement to indicator.


Range (mm)

Measuring force (N)

Repeatability of  measurement (µm)

 Width (mm)































12. ZERO MASTER 101-8010

  • Zero Master-the precise and versatile measuring instrument for milling and EDM machines (insulated probe). It is clamped into the milling spindle or the electrode head and makes possible an exact positioning of the spindle axis on the edges of the work piece zeros to be set and the length to be measured in any direction (X-,Y-,Z-axis).
  • Easy handing The dial gauge indicators the distance between spindle axis and work piece edge. As soon as the gauge shoes zero, the spindle axis is exactly on the work piece edge on the first attempt, This eliminates calculating or problems with positive or negative signs.
  • The Zero Master reduces the extra costs, increases the productivity and offers a relief to the staff. The digital display has large numbers that measure in increments of 0.01mm,It can be easily read from a long distance, (i.e. when mounted on a large machining center) The digital display is splash-proof and dust-proof and can be stored in the tool magazine of the machine. The extended overrun distance in connection with the proven preset breaking point of the probe give additional security.


  • Zero setting at any position.
  • Movable square.
  • Direction changeable.
  • Data output.
  • With presetting function (four-quadrant)
  • Three patterns measurement, 1x360°, 2x180°, 4x90°.
  • Battery type lithium, Service life of battery 2000hours.


Square length

Measuring range

Resolution Tolerance Repeatability Reaction speed Working temp.
111-0001 150mm -360°-+360° 30"(0.005°) ±0.2"(±0.03°) 1s 3prs 0°C-40°C
111-0002 300mm -360°-+360° 30"(0.005°) ±0.2"(±0.03°) 1s 3prs 0°C-40°C


  • The design used for the examination, permanently fixed in a hard frame inside.
  • Can used for the level to settle with the perpendicularity the value examine, the biggest scope can amount to 600 mms.
  • The measure piece arrange straightly.


Check Master (Horizontal Type)

Range No. Sort Max permissible errors Distance
150mm 112-0001 Steeliness ±0.002mm 20mm
200mm 112-0002 Steeliness ±0.003mm 20mm
300mm 112-0003 Steeliness ±0.004mm 20mm
400mm 112-0004 Steeliness ±0.005mm 20mm
500mm 112-0005 Steeliness ±0.006mm 20mm
600mm 112-0006 Steeliness ±0.008mm 20mm
150mm 112-0011 ceramic ±0.002mm 20mm
200mm 112-0012 ceramic ±0.003mm 20mm
300mm 112-0013 ceramic ±0.004mm 20mm
400mm 112-0014 ceramic ±0.005mm 20mm
500mm 112-0015 ceramic ±0.006mm 20mm
600mm 112-0016 ceramic ±0.008mm 20mm
150mm 112-0021 Steeliness ±0.002mm 30mm
200mm 112-0022 Steeliness ±0.003mm 30mm
300mm 112-0023 Steeliness ±0.004mm 30mm
400mm 112-0024 Steeliness ±0.005mm 30mm
500mm 112-0025 Steeliness ±0.006mm 30mm
600mm 112-0026 Steeliness ±0.008mm 30mm
150mm 112-0031 ceramic ±0.002mm 30mm
200mm 112-0032 ceramic ±0.003mm 30mm
300mm 112-0033 ceramic ±0.004mm 30mm
400mm 112-0034 ceramic ±0.005mm 30mm
500mm 112-0035 ceramic ±0.006mm 30mm
600mm 112-0036 ceramic ±0.008mm 30mm

Check Master (Vertical Type)

Range No. Sort Max permissible errors Distance
150mm 112-0051 Steeliness ±0.002mm 20mm
200mm 112-0052 Steeliness ±0.003mm 20mm
300mm 112-0053 Steeliness ±0.004mm 20mm
400mm 112-0054 Steeliness ±0.005mm 20mm
500mm 112-0055 Steeliness ±0.006mm 20mm
600mm 112-0056 Steeliness ±0.008mm 20mm
150mm 112-0061 ceramic ±0.002mm 20mm
200mm 112-0062 ceramic ±0.003mm 20mm
300mm 112-0063 ceramic ±0.004mm 20mm
400mm 112-0064 ceramic ±0.005mm 20mm
500mm 112-0065 ceramic ±0.006mm 20mm
600mm 112-0066 ceramic ±0.008mm 20mm
150mm 112-0071 Steeliness ±0.002mm 30mm
200mm 112-0072 Steeliness ±0.003mm 30mm
300mm 112-0073 Steeliness ±0.004mm 30mm
400mm 112-0074 Steeliness ±0.005mm 30mm
500mm 112-0075 Steeliness ±0.006mm 30mm
600mm 112-0076 Steeliness ±0.008mm 30mm
150mm 112-0081 ceramic ±0.002mm 30mm
200mm 112-0082 ceramic ±0.003mm 30mm
300mm 112-0083 ceramic ±0.004mm 30mm
400mm 112-0084 ceramic ±0.005mm 30mm
500mm 112-0085 ceramic ±0.006mm 30mm
600mm 112-0086 ceramic ±0.008mm 30mm
150mm 112-0091 ceramic ±0.002mm t1≠t2≠t3
200mm 112-0092 ceramic ±0.003mm t1≠t2≠t3
300mm 112-0093 ceramic ±0.004mm t1≠t2≠t3
400mm 112-0094 ceramic ±0.005mm t1≠t2≠t3
500mm 112-0095 ceramic ±0.006mm t1≠t2≠t3
600mm 112-0096 ceramic ±0.008mm t1≠t2≠t3


Order No Measuring Range Graduation Value Accuracy Note
101-7708 2" 0.001" 0.0006" ---
101-7709 2" 0.001" 0.0006" Magnetic Base
101-7710 50mm 0.01mm 0.015mm ---
101-7711 50mm 0.01mm 0.015mm Magnetic Base
101-7712 4" 0.001" 0.0008" ---
101-7713 4" 0.001" 0.0008" Magnetic Base
101-7714 100mm 0.01mm 0.015mm ---
101-7715 100mm 0.01mm 0.015mm Magnetic Base

Build In Dial  Style "Z"  AXIAL SETTER

Order No Measuring Range Graduation Value Accuracy
101-7716 2" 0.001" 0.0006"
101-7717 50mm 0.01mm 0.015mm

Plug In Dial Style "Z"  AXIAL SETTER

Order No Measuring Range Graduation Value Accuracy
101-7718 2" 0.001" 0.0006"
101-7719 50mm 0.01mm 0.015mm

Optical Style "Z"  AXIAL SETTER

Order No Measuring Range Accuracy
101-7720 50mm 0.015mm
101-7721 100mm 0.02mm

16. Adjustable Angle Block

Order No Measuring Range L H W
101-7722 0-60° 75mm 32.5mm 25mm
101-7723 102mm 48mm 30mm
101-7724 46mm

 17. Planer and Shaper Gage Sets

Order No Measuring Range L H W
101-7725 235mm 132mm 76.2mm 19mm

18. Optical Edge Finder

Order No Diameter of Holding Bar Length Accuracy
101-7726 20mm 176mm 0.01mm
101-7727 32mm
101-7728 20mm 98mm
101-7729 32mm
101-7730 3/4in
101-7731 1-1/4in

E.S Optical Edge Finder

Order No Diameter of Holding Bar Length Accuracy
101-7732 20mm 164mm 0.01mm
101-7733 32mm
101-7734 20mm 98mm