AMT810E Digital Corrosion Test Meter

Product Description

Digital Corrosion Test Meter AMT810E

AMT810E Portable Fast Electrochemical Corrosion Meter is a simple operation instrument that integrates the Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) measuring principle and is portable designed for fast measurements and directly display results. EIS measurement is employed to measure the solution resistance (Rs) and the polarization resistance (Rp) and further to calculate the corrosion rate.
1. Corrosion rate monitor and corrosion inhibitor selection in the petroleum and chemical industry and road and bridge construction site. 
2. Metal corrosion rate monitor in oil wastewater, soil, concrete and so on to evaluate corrosion protection countermeasures. 
3. Standard sensor is for water (liquid), if need sensor for soil please let us know. 

1. Probe channel: 1 
2. Input impedance: 1011Ω 
3. Potential range: ±2.5V 
4. Potential resolution: 0.1mV 
5. Rs range: 10Ω~500KΩ 
6. Rp range: 5Ω~10MΩ 
7. Corrosion rate: 0.1um ~ 10mm/a 
8. Absolute Measurement Accuracy: <±1% 
9. Sine wave amplitude: 1~100mV 
10.Sine wave frequency: 10KHz~0.001Hz 
11.Timing interval: 1~255h 
12.Data storage: 10,000 
13.Clock error: ±1min/month 
14.Power: AC 220V/DC 1.5V(4 AA cell) 
15.Dimensions: 260x165x20mm,Weight:3.5Kg 
16.Temperature: -10~50°C, relative humidity:<80%, away from corrosive gas