CS-2 Tablet Friability Tester

Product Description

CS-2 Tablet Friability Tester
The friability tester is applied to test friability of non-coated tablets and other physics intensity,such as: the intensity of crushability.
1. Single line and double cylinder,synchroized operation,auto at timing point.
2. The cylinder adopts high quality hyaline organic glass.
3. Rotation speed and number of turns can be setted at will.
4. Operation is simple,the control precision is very high.
5. Automatization,auto diagnoses,auto detection,auto alarm.
Technical data:
1. The quantity of cylinder: 2
2. The internal size of cylinder: inside diameter: 286mm   deepness: 39mm
3. The slide high of medicine: 156 mm
4. The range of rotation speed:  25r/min
5. The accuracy of rotation speed: +/- 1r/min
6. The range of number of turns: 100 circles
7. The accuracy of number of turns: +/- 1 circles
8. Continuous  working hours:  more than 24 hours
9. Power supply: 220V/50HZ/50W
10. Overall size: 360*300*340 mm
11. Net weight: 14kg