CS-4X Tablet Friability Tester

Product Description

CS-4X Tablet Friability Tester
CS-4X Tablet Friability Tester is composed of control system, transmission system, and rotation accessories etc. And central controlled function is performed by MPU. The features are: well structures, auto and simple operations, high accuracy and sensitivity, and stable working performance. 
1. Cylinder radius: 286mm
2. Cylinder depth: 39mm
3. Tablet falling height: 156mm
4. Rotation count: 100-900 r
5. Rotation speed: 25rpm
6. Speed regulator accuracy: 
7. Continuous work: >24hr
8. Power: 110V/60HZ; 220V/50HZ; 20W
9. Dimension: 300x200x330mm
10.Weight: 6kg